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Learn How To Move

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Learn How to Move

Many of our common diseases have mechanical causes.  this means that the way we move affects our health.  Years of poor postural habits, sitting too much and playing repetitive action sports have take a toll on our body's natural movement patterns.  Come and restore your natural alignment!



Drop-in Stretch

Drop in Stretch~Strength~Mobility

Mondays at 7 pm 

Come on out and Move! Find your strength and mobility restrictions and gradually increase them!  Counteract the countless hours you spend sitting at a desk in front of the computer.  When our bodies are in one position for most of the day, we lose the capacity to move out of that position comfortably to do other functional movements  Our bodies loose strength and flexibility, we develop compensations, and then we have pain.  Pain is our bodies way of asking for change.  So, if you are a beginner mover, have just been discharged from a physiotherapy program, or a seasoned athlete,  lets learn how your body has adapted to your movement( or lack of movement patterns) and start to change it! 

Drop-in $8.85+1.15 HST= $10




Self Care Workshop

Every couple of months I will be offering a Self Massage Class.  I will show you how to relieve those tired aching muscles to extend the time in between your regular massages. You will learn how to take care of your carpal tunnel syndrome, ease your TMJ pain, relax your back, neck and shoulders, relieve plantar fasciitis and loosen up those tight hips.


The cost is just $75 and you get 2 hours of instruction and a set of Yoga Tune Up™ balls to take home with you ($25 value). Use your balls at home for relief every day.

Next Workshop: 

Sunday November 18 2018


Minimum 3 participants to run the workshop

*As always, my prices include HST(66.37+8.62)=$75

BYOB, Balls, not booze! and the cost is just $50