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Self Care Workshop

Have your health benefits been reduced or eliminated altogether? Are you self employed with no benefits package?  Struggling to find the cash for a regular massage? My practice has been extremely busy (thanks everyone!) and I know it has been hard to get an appointment with me sometimes.  I want to make sure you all get a massage treatment of some kind to keep you healthy!

So, fear not!  I have a solution!

Every couple of months I will be offering a Self Massage Class.  I will show you how to relieve those tired aching muscles to extend the time in between your regular massages. You will learn how to take care of your carpal tunnel syndrome, ease your TMJ pain, relax your back, neck and shoulders, relieve plantar fasciitis and loosen up those tight hips.

I will teach you how to use the Yoga Tune UP™ balls using the Roll Model Method™ to ease those stubborn overworked muscles, leaving you feeling like you have just had a massage. Two Hours of using the Yoga Tune Up™ balls for fascial release and head to toe stretching will leave you feeling like a million bucks. (That’s almost 1.5 million American!) And while it isn’t exactly like a massage from your therapist, (ME!) it feels pretty darn good!

The cost is just $75 and you get 2 hours of instruction and a set of Yoga Tune Up™ balls to take home with you ($20 value). Use your balls at home for relief every day.

If you already have a set of balls… Yoga Tune Up™ balls that is,(so many jokes!) bring them with you, and the cost is just $50.

Grab a friend and register early, there are only 10 spots available! (minimum 3 participants to run the workshop)


*As always, my prices include HST ($66.37+$8.62= $75.00)

Self Care Class Schedule:

Sunday November 18th 10am-12pm

Location86 Dearham Wood
InstructorAlison Stone
Start Date18 Nov 2018